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1% for Sustainable Energy

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Today, almost 87% of our planet relies on non-renewable animal and plant-based carbon for energy and goods production. The long-term effects of these processes are highly concerning, as they threaten to cause irreversible damage to our planet's ecosystem. Sea levels will rise dramatically, displacing many and rendering vast portions of our planet inhospitable. Plant and animal life will suffer the most, as rapidly changing and increasingly extreme climate conditions destroy habitats and natural cycles around the globe, leading to mass extinction. In addition, toxins created by these polluting processes will contaminate our soil, seeping into our precious groundwater reservoirs.

Though we may not experience the repercussions of these actions, our children and grandchildren certainly will. It is clear that the planet is calling for change; the future starts now. That's why Bandit pledges 1% of all its revenues to support the development of sustainable energy sources around the globe. We are proud to partner with clean energy funds and investment foundations to help build a cleaner, better future for the next generation. To learn more about the companies and funds we work with, please follow the link below.


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