Recycling with Bandit - Bandit Bikes

Recycling with Bandit

At Bandit, we strive to responsibly recycle all electronic waste, batteries, and packaging associated with our products. We recognize the invaluable benefit this has for our community and the environment. To enable you to do the same, we partnered with our community to put together the following resources, providing you with the proper locations and options for recycling.

Why Should I Recycle? 

We must take responsibility for the ever-growing stockpile of unwanted electrical equipment by making sure it is either repaired or recycled. Failing to do so will lead to these items piling up in landfills, where the hazardous substances they contain will inevitably seep into the soil. This can have disastrous health consequences for our wildlife, and us. Let us be an example to our community by taking action to preserve our planet.

What to recycle

Below is a list of items that you can recycle:

  • Batteries
  • Electrical Waste (E-Waste)
  • Tires and Tire Tubes
  • Packing Materials

Continue reading for further information and instructions on correct disposal.

How to Recycle 


Batteries should be properly recycled and not thrown away with your regular trash. Improper disposal of batteries can potentially lead to bodily harm and cause fires, putting you and your property at risk. Batteries that are at the end of their life span (typically 3-5 years depending on usage frequency and riding conditions) should also be refurbished or replaced to prevent accidents. 

  • Call2Recycle provides plenty of resources on how to properly dispose of batteries, click here for more information. 
  • Check out our article on proper battery usage for more information on how to preserve its shelf-life and performance. 


Electrical Waste (E-Waste)

E-Waste which is formally called Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), refers to electric components and products that are at the end of their lifespan. At this point, many of these items should be recycled. 

  • To dispose of E-Waste, begin by searching online 'E-Waste disposal facilities near me' to find available locations. Ensure that the company accepts the type of E-Waste you want to dispose of by calling them beforehand. 
  • Check out these links for more help finding recycling locations in your area: Call2Recycle, US Recycling Points, Earth911.
  • Certain retailers may also accept E-Waste; these include: Costco, Best Buy, Staples, Radio Shack, and Goodwill. Be sure to call them beforehand to confirm that they accept the type of E-Waste you want to recycle. 

Tires and Tire Tubes

Tires and tire tubes are made of rubber, which can be recycled and reused for a variety of different products. Ensure that you familliarize yourself with the regulations regarding tires and tire tube disposal before disposing of them. You make take them to a recycling center or collection point for proper processing. Be sure to search online for such locations and call ahead of time to ensure that they accept this sort of waste. 

Packing Materials 

Bandit E-Bikes are packaged with materials to withstand long journeys from the factory, to a warehouse, and finally to you. As such, there is typically a high quantity of high quality packaging materials to recycle after the unpacking and assembly processes. To properly recycle these materials, ensure that the box is properly folded flat to make it easier to collect. Ensure that it is placed in the correct location (be sure to check where this is beforehand) so that it does not obstruct the street or building halls.